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Cover Letter Writing


The cover letter is often the first document a potential employer sees, no matter if you apply online, by mail, or by fax. A hiring manager, however, spends less than two minutes reviewing your cover letter and resume. Within that time, your documents need to make a strong impression. A well-written cover letter can forward your application, and a poorly-worded one may end up in the trash. Regardless of your experience and education, presentation and organization must be part of your job search. Both of these aspects must be taken into consideration when writing a cover letter for a job application.

As a professional resume writing service, The Resume Experts specializes in creating cover letters. Both documents work together. Your cover letter is essentially an introduction. It provides a hiring manager with a general summary of your skills, what you can do for this company, and why you are a strong candidate for the position. The resume, often following, supports your assertions and provides details regarding your skills, experience, and achievements.

If you need help writing a cover letter, contact The Resume Experts. Quality and accuracy define our work, and every cover letter is customized. Employers typically disregard generic cover letters, and as we want you to get in the door, we want to learn more about your background. Before any writing is done, we talk thoroughly with each customer about experience and goals or ask that this information be provided online. Everything highlighted, from work history and education to goals and objectives, is passed to our writers. No work is outsourced, and our in-house staff writers create custom cover letters using a traditional three-paragraph format.

Customer satisfaction the first time is our goal. We aim to provide a high-quality, well-written, and clear product that aid in and improves your job search. Changes may need to be made, however, and we offer up to three revisions for resume and cover letter writing.

Cover letter writing is part of several professional resume packages we offer. Revising or creating a resume is our basic service, and our writers also create cover letters and thank you notes. Combinations of these three documents are possible. A cover letter can be paired with a resume or with a resume and thank you note.

Free of typos and organized, our documents have a greater likelihood of getting noticed by a hiring manager. Going with a professional resume and cover letter writing service, however, does not guarantee a job.

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