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Link Submission Guidelines

• We ask that a link to be active somewhere on the website you are submitting before ever opening your email client to email us your request.
• Please be sure to ONLY use the link titles available below. The description is optional depending on the format of your links pages.
• Please only submit websites relevant to the available categories. If we find you have not heeded this request then of course we will decline your request and looking to avoid dealing with you in the future.
• We conduct reciprocal link checks regularly. Please keep our link active if and when we agree. If we find a link missing, it is removed with no notice and any future correspondence will be ignored.
• Think you can do this? Email us at after adding information from below to the website you are submitting. Email us with the linking URL where our link is placed as well as any and all link information; title, description and link URL.

Need Link Information (text & html formats)

Title: Resume Writing
Description: When you need a resume written, contact us for resume writing. We create quality resumes for professionals at all career stages.

Title: Resume Writing Service
Description: When you need a resume written or revised, contact us for resume writing services. We create or revise resumes for professionals at all career stages.

Title: Resume Writing Services
Description: As a resume builder, we create resumes and CVs from scratch based on your information, and also revise existing resumes for professionals in all career fields.

Title: Professional Resume Writers
Description: Have a resume or CV that will catch an employer's attention. As professional resume writers, we revise and create resumes and cover letters based on your information.

Title: Resume Maker
Description: Go with a professional resume maker to catch the attention of an employer. We create and revise resumes, CVs, and cover letters for entry-level and advanced professionals.

Title: Medical Resumes URL:
Description: As professional resume writers, we craft or revise medical resumes for advanced career professionals. Contact us for creating a specific doctor or nurse resume.

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