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Executive Resume


Executive professionals have several years of success and experience. Shouldn't moving up to a higher position be easier? Not necessarily. Even seasoned professionals need some assistance to stay ahead of the competition. As a sales, account, or financial executive, you have been in the workforce for a decade, have superior team-leading skills, and have many accomplishments. An executive resume, however, needs to be succinct. How do you know which skills and accomplishments to emphasize? The Resume Experts, as professional resume writers, can help.

Two factors often remove a resume from consideration: a lack of attention to detail and poor organization. These also apply to an executive resume. An overlooked typo or misplaced comma indicates to a hiring manager that you are not as professional as you seem. A convoluted format is often a difficult read and will quickly lead to rejection. The Resume Experts, in these instances, are a second set of eyes. Our professional writers, who have advanced degrees, spot and fix errors and are experts at organizing.

Much like you, The Resume Experts strives for accuracy and quality. To get a full picture of your background, we speak thoroughly with each customer about experience and goals. If you do not have the time to talk, you can provide this information online. Every accomplishment, goal, and previous position discussed is sent to our staff writers. Based on this information, one of our writers drafts the initial resume or cover letter.

No work we do is outsourced, and this aspect adds to the quality of our products. We aim for customer satisfaction and want you to be pleased with our work. Changes may need to be made, however, and we offer up to three rounds of revisions for an executive resume.

Taking a specialized approach, we make sure that all documents reflect your advanced level of experience. As professional executive resume writers, we offer multiple packages to assist with your job search. On a standard level, our writers revise and edit existing resumes or create new documents.  Also available are cover letters and thank you notes.

An executive resume and cover letter are designed to enhance your job search. Well-written and organized documents have a greater chance of being noticed by hiring managers. Executive resume writers, however, do not guarantee employment.

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