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Medical Resumes

A specialized field calls for specialized resumes. For advanced and technical positions in healthcare, specific sets of skills and knowledge are required for a job. Education, as well, takes a different path. A doctor may have spent several years in medical school, while a nurse or technician attended a specialized training program. In addition, certain certifications give a job candidate an edge. Compiling all of this information into a resume is a challenge, and The Resume Experts is up to the task.

Medical resumes are one of our specialties. Our professional staff writers take into consideration your background and organize it in a clear format. A hiring manager will take a quick glance at your resume and get a full picture of your background and skills.

Attention to detail is one of our strengths. Before any revisions or writing is done, we talk thoroughly with each customer about goals and experience or ask that this information be provided online. Everything discussed is given to our writers, who draw up initial resumes and cover letters.

Medical resumes for doctor, nurse, and technician positions typically have a specialized format. Our medical and healthcare resumes start off with an objective and profile. Below this, certifications, specific skills, professional functional experience, education, work history, and professional affiliations are listed.

We strive for quality and your satisfaction. We want you to be satisfied with our product the first time. Medical resumes may need changes, however, and we provide up to three rounds of revisions per document.

We offer multiple packages based around a medical resume. On a standard level, an existing resume can be revised, or one of our writers can create a new document. Medical resumes often need to be accompanied other documents, and our writers craft cover letters describing your specific skills and thank you notes. Each of these documents is available individually, and combinations are also possible. When purchased with a resume, a cover letter is sold at a 50-percent discount.

Well-written and organized medical resumes enhance your chances of being called for an interview. Working with a professional resume writer, however, does not guarantee employment. Whether or not you find a position by using our services, The Resume Experts does not offer refunds.

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