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Professional Cover Letters

Cover letters are often the first documents an employer sees. A hiring manager scanning through hundreds of applications may only spend a few minutes reading your cover letter and resume. Within this brief time period, your documents need to make a strong impression. Otherwise, they may end up deleted or in the trash. Professional cover letters and resumes often give job candidates a step up in the initial rounds of hiring. The Resume Experts specializes in crafting professional resumes and cover letters that assist with and improve your chances of employment.

Even small mistakes take a candidate out of consideration. A typo, for example, is often a sign of laziness and a lack of attention to detail. Organization, a far more pervasive aspect of a cover letter or resume, will also cost a candidate. When a cover letter does not follow a three-paragraph or bullet point format, the document may be too convoluted to read. As this may indicate to a hiring manager that you did not put enough effort into your application, he or she will not make the effort to sift through large amounts of text.

The Resume Experts examine all of these aspects when creating professional cover letters. Before anything is written, we speak thoroughly with each customer about experience and goals or request that this information be provided online. This information is passed to our in-house writers, one of which will create the initial document.

Employers want a cover letter to highlight your relevant experience and skills. Generic cover letters are often rejected because they lack this. When our writers craft professional cover letters, they stick to the standard three-paragraph format to emphasize relevant experience and goals.

Quality and accuracy define our work, and nothing is outsourced. We strive for customer satisfaction and want you to be pleased with your cover letter the first time. Professional cover letters may need changes, however, and we offer up to three rounds of revisions.

Workers at all levels need professional cover letters. We create such custom documents for entry-level, professional, executive, and healthcare positions. Editing or creating a resume is our standard service, but our writers also develop cover letters and thank you notes. All of these documents are available separately, and combinations of a resume, cover letter, and thank you note are possible. When paired with a resume, a cover letter is discounted 50 percent.

Professional cover letters aid a job search and have a greater chance of being seen. Using a professional writing service, however, does not guarantee a job. Whether or not you find employment with our services, The Resume Experts does not offer refunds.

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