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Having enough experience and education is not enough to get an interview anymore. As many candidates have similar backgrounds, presentation sets some apart from others. A hiring manager has low tolerance for typos and grammatical errors in a resume and does not want to sift through lengthy paragraphs detailing your experience and achievements. Human resources professionals may only spend a few minutes reading your cover letter and resume, and within that period of time, your documents need to make a distinct impression.

The Resume Experts, as a professional writing service, aims to provide you with a resume and cover letter that aid and improve your job search. Nothing is generic about our approach, and for the highest quality, no work is outsourced and staff writers have advanced degrees. Before any words are created, we like to get a full picture of your background. We thoroughly talk with customers about goals and experience or request that you provide this information online. This information is passed to our writers, who develop initial drafts of resumes and cover letters.

Quality and satisfaction make our professional resume writing service stand out. Producing a high-quality product the first time is our goal, but if changes need to be made, we offer three rounds of revisions.

Resume and cover letter format is not uniform, and we take a unique approach to all resumes. Our writers create or edit resumes for entry-level, professional, executive, and healthcare positions. Cover letters, similarly, reflect your goals, experience, and jobs to which you plan to apply.

Our professional resume writing service offers multiple packages of documents. On a basic level, an existing resume is edited, or a new one created. Cover letters and thank you notes, both integral parts to most job searches, can also be created. Although all of these documents are available individually, we offer combinations of them at a discount. A cover letter is reduced 50 percent when purchased with a resume.

Standing out among hundreds of applicants creates a better path to an interview, and using a well-written cover letter and a resume is one approach. Our documents do not guarantee employment, however, and no matter if you secure a position or not, we do not offer refunds.

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