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Project Manager Resume

Project management is an ambiguous field. Yet, nearly all industries from construction to healthcare to finance have project managers. Mid- to senior-level professionals in project management roles come from different backgrounds. Some start their careers in technical roles and, by earning project management certificates, end up moving toward team management. Others begin as assistant project managers and advance in the field.

No matter your background, your project manager resume must reflect your education and skills. For certain industries, such as construction and healthcare, your technical background is just as important as your recent project management experience. At the same time, job advertisements for project managers often require certification. Is it possible to represent your full career on two pages?

If you are having difficulty narrowing down your experience, work with The Resume Experts. Specializing in resume writing for mid-level and executive careers, The Resume Experts revises and creates cover letters and resumes for project manager positions. Making a good impression upfront is crucial in any career and particularly important for advancing into management. Don't let typos or a poor format set you back. Not everyone is comfortable with their writing skills, so work with The Resume Experts to create job search-ready documents.

Before any changes are made or words added to a page, we interview you over the telephone or by email. We need to get a full picture of your background: past and current positions, experience, achievements, certifications, goals, and education. The information from the interview is passed to one of our professional resume writers, who will revise your existing documents or create new ones.

We aim for satisfaction with all resumes and cover letters; however, we offer up to three revisions if the final product is not up to your expectations. A well-written and organized cover letter and resume have a greater chance of being noticed by a hiring manager – and getting you to an interview. The Resume Experts do not guarantee employment as the result of our services, however. Regardless of whether or not you find employment, The Resume Experts does not offer refunds.

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