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All standard resumes consist of three parts: an objective or profile, a list of skills, and work experience. Although each of these appears simple, presentation and quality let a resume be noticed – or remove it from consideration. On a basic level, no resume or cover letter should have typos or grammatical errors. From a visual perspective, similarly, all three parts need to be organized clearly. A hiring manager only spends about a minute looking at a resume and cover letter. Let your documents make an impact by working with a professional resume builder.

The Resume Experts, an online resume builder, specializes in custom resumes and cover letters. Workers in all career stages need to make a strong impression when applying to a job. With a staff of in-house writers, we create resumes and cover letters for entry-level, professional, executive, and healthcare positions. Each product is customized according to your background, goals, and job search.

Before any document is created, we want to obtain as much information as possible about your background. We thoroughly talk with each customer or ask you to provide information online about your experience and goals. Everything, from your work experience and achievements to education, is passed to our writers, who create the initial draft.

Satisfaction and quality are our goals as a professional resume builder. We aim to provide a high-quality product the first time. If changes need to be made, however, we offer up to three revisions.

Not all applications are the same, but a resume and cover letter are standard documents. Revising or creating a resume is our basic service, and cover letters and thank you notes are additional documents we produce. As a resume builder, we offer packages of these documents and discounts. A cover letter, when purchased with a resume, is discounted 50 percent.

Employment is not a guarantee with resume builder websites. Providing you with a high-quality and well-written product that assists with your job search is our goal. Regardless of whether or not you find a position with our documents, we do not offer refunds.

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