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Everyone needs help writing a resume. Expectations for this standard application document change, from the format to the information included. At the same time, seeking out the information yourself may lead to conflicting results. One resume sample site may suggest not adding an objective to your resume. Another career advice website may tell you that employers only read resumes that use a bullet-point format. A third website may state that skills are out and accomplishments in. Who do you trust, and what do you add?

With so many different opinions on the internet, go with professional help for writing a resume. The Resume Experts specializes in creating and editing custom resumes for workers in all career stages. If you need help making a resume, we create them and cover letters for entry-level, professional, executive, and healthcare positions.

We take a comprehensive approach with resume help. Before any additions are made or words put on a page, we speak with each customer thoroughly or have you provide information online about experience and goals. Everything you wish to include, such as achievements, skills, work history, and education, is passed to our writers. From this information, one of our writers revises or creates your resume and cover letter.

When we help you write a resume, we aim for accuracy and a high-quality product the first time. Changes may need to be made, however, and we offer up to three revisions per document.

Application processes vary, although a resume and cover letter are standard. If you need help writing a resume, we also offer the same assistance for cover letters and thank you notes. Resume revision or creation is our basic service, but we can also add a cover letter and thank you note. When purchased with a resume, cover letters are sold at a 50-percent discount.

Getting help writing a resume may increase your chances of employment. A well-written and organized cover letter and resume have a greater likelihood of being noticed by employers. Seeking professional resume help, however, does not guarantee a job, and regardless of whether or not you find a position, The Resume Experts does not offer refunds.

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