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Approaching your job search alone is no longer sufficient. From networking to interview preparation, outside help provides some direction and more preparation. Be it through interview and resume critiques or finding the right connection to a company, outside assistance has become a necessary part of staying ahead of the competition. A resume service, such as The Resume Experts, is best for addressing your resume and any other documents sent to a potential employer. As many candidates have similar experience, presentation is the fine line between getting a call for an interview and being taken out of the applicant pool.

As a resume writing service, The Resume Experts crafts custom resumes and cover letters. Candidates at all career levels need high-quality documents when applying to jobs. Our staff writers create or revise resumes and cover letters for entry-level, professional, executive, and healthcare positions. Before any changes are made or words added, we thoroughly talk to all customers about goals and experience or ask you to provide this information online. Your information, such as experience, education, and certifications, is passed to our writers, who create the initial drafts of resumes and cover letters.

Quality and accuracy go into all documents we provide. We want you to have the best possible resume and cover letter for your job search. If changes need to be made, revisions are one resume writing service we offer. Our writers will revise a document up to three times.

Our resume service has several packages designed for your specific job search. On a standard level, our writers revise or create resumes based on your information, but often, more documents are needed to apply. We also produce cover letters and thank you notes and offer combinations of these three documents. Additionally, cover letters are discounted 50 percent when coupled with a resume.

A well-written cover letter and resume benefit an applicant. The clarity of all documents we create allows a hiring manager to get a better impression of your skills and experience, and typo-free and grammatically-correct content will likely keep your resume in the applicant pool longer. Using a resume service does not guarantee employment, however, and regardless of whether or not you find a job, we do not offer refunds.

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