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Competition in the job market has increased significantly over the past three years. As a result, having education, experience, and the right connections is not always enough. Small errors can remove an applicant from consideration: a typo in a cover letter, a misplaced comma, or a confusing format. Although seemingly insignificant, any of these errors can make you appear careless, forgetful, or disorganized. Your resume and cover letter are the first documents a hiring manager sees and form the company's first impression of you.

If you feel insecure about your writing skills, consider working with The Resume Experts, an online resume writing service. With skilled professional writers on staff, resume services provide assistance to job seekers. Resume services at The Resume Expert range from revising existing documents to creating new ones. Although The Resume Experts does not promise employment, an organized and well-written resume and cover letter have a better chance of being noticed by employers.

Some resumes only need a small amount of polishing. Professional resume writers at The Resume Experts, in this regard, proofread your documents and make suggestions. Good enough documents are not enough for a job search. Our professional resume writers transform your "good enough" resume and cover letter into job search-appropriate documents.

Resumes and cover letters may need more than minor changes, however. Our resume services go beyond revising existing documents and include creating new ones. Well-versed on the latest employment trends and with excellent writing skills, our professional resume writers craft resumes and cover letters from scratch.

In order to put together accurate documents, all resume services at The Resume Experts begin with an interview over the telephone or by email. We ask about your employment history, your career goals, and your achievements, and this information is passed on to a writer, who puts together your resume or cover letter. We aim for customer satisfaction the first time; however, we offer up to three revisions if you are not satisfied with the final product.

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