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Resume Writing Services

A well-written resume and cover letter make you stand out. Experience and education are only part of the equation to getting noticed, however. Your background needs to be presented in an organized and clear format, with all skills and achievements highlighted. If you are unsure of your presentation, contact The Resume Experts. Our professional resume writing services range from evaluating and editing existing documents to creating new resumes and cover letters.

Professional resume writing services are all about accuracy and clarity. We can be your second set of eyes for finding typos and grammatical errors, and we know the best approach to presenting all of your information. Not all careers are the same, and neither are resumes and cover letters. Our professional resume writing services can create documents for entry-level, professional, executive, and healthcare positions.

We take a thorough approach to creating resumes. Before any writing starts, we talk with customers about goals and experience or ask that you provide this information online. This information is passed to our writers. A typical resume for a professional or executive position includes an objective or profile, a skills list, professional experience, work history, duties, education, and achievements. Healthcare resumes, however, provide a different set of information, with certifications and professional functional experience included.

Satisfaction is one important aspect of our resume writing services. We aim to get the documents right the first time, but if you need any changes, we offer up to three revisions. Our professional resume writing services offer multiple packages. On a basic level, our in-house staff writers edit or create new resumes. Cover letters and thank you notes can also be written. Many applications, however, request both a resume and cover letter. For this, we offer multiple resume, cover letter, and thank you note combinations at a discount. A 50-percent discount is applied to the cover letter when combined with a resume.

Presenting a well-written resume and a cover letter is a step toward getting an interview. While hiring managers are more likely to notice a resume and cover letter without typos, our resume writing services do not guarantee you a job. Regardless of whether or not you are offered a position, we do not provide refunds.

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